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Investment Introduction

Stock Market- Who are Regulators?

Stock Market- Who are Regulators? We make a substantial investment in equities in order to create inflation-beating returns. We came to this conclusion in the previous chapter. So, how do we go about investing in shares now that we’ve established that? Clearly, understanding the ecosystem in which equities function is necessary before we go any farther with this discussion. What exactly is the stock exchange?

Stock Market – Key Events and Their Impact on Markets

Stock Market 12. Key Events and Their Impact on MarketsFor a market participant transacting just based on company-specific information may not be sufficient. It is also important to understand the events that influence the markets. Various outside factors, economic and/or non-economic events have a key impact on stocks and markets? performance in general.In this chapter, we will try to understand some of

Stock Market How to Getting started in Investment or trading?

Stock Market 13. Getting started!The objective of the first module is to give you a quick hands-on introduction to the stock markets. In our endeavour to introduce the stock markets to you, we have carefully selected concepts you need to know, especially if you are absolutely new to markets. If you have many unanswered questions at this stage, it is a good sign. You will find your answers as we proceed to other modules.At this stage, you need to understand why we have

Stock Market – Why The Need to Invest?

Stock Market Why The Need to Invest? To keep up with the rising expense of living, you’ll need to invest your money. Before we get into the answer to the preceding question, let’s look at what happens if you don’t invest. why you need to invest in the stock market or why one should invest in stock market are questions mostly everyone asks.